How we can help you

Live Recoveries is an independent niche practice specialising in all aspects of business recovery and insolvency, both corporate and personal. We carry out assignments throughout the UK, although the majority are undertaken in Yorkshire.

We are a progressive firm providing proactive advice to companies and individuals who encounter financial difficulties.

Initial consultations are always with an experienced Insolvency Practitioner and are free of charge, and if you later give us formal instructions to assist you our pricing is competitive.

We always try to find the best solution to deal with the specific financial problems you are facing so that you can, if feasible, restructure your business, or if not, to bring things to an orderly conclusion so that you can move on.

We are specialists in Insolvency and Recovery and not accountants offering those services amongst others. In fact, we are frequently consulted by accountants concerning their own clients affairs.

We also regularly act as company Liquidators in solvent liquidations where a company is no longer required and the primary objective is to make tax-efficient returns of capital to shareholders promptly.

Further details of the range of services we offer can be found via the blue boxes on the right.


From IVA’s to bankruptcies, Live Recoveries has all your personal financial recovery solutions covered. Find out more about how we can help.


If your business is struggling from financial hardship our team will have a solution for you. Follow the link in this box for more information about company liquidation, administration and CVA’s.

Business Recovery

If your primary objective is to save your business we will review its circumstances with you and see if it can be returned to profitability.

Solvent Liquidations

A solvent liquidation is a popular, tax efficient way to recover value from a Company that is no longer required. We can take you through the whole process.

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